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Voter Registration 



Dates and Deadlines

2020 General Election

Date: November 3, 2020

Voter Registration Week of Action

Date: September 20-27th

National Voter Registration Day

Date: September 22nd

National Vote Early Day

Date: October 24th


Click Here to Register to Vote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I vote?

  • The best public policy decisions are formed when there is a diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives represented at the policy-making table. In order for those voices to be heard in the process, we need all eligible Alabamians to vote.

  • Voting is fundamental to our representative democracy, and your civic participation is critical to our success as a state.

  • You can find the link to register to vote or update your registration online here.

  • You can find information about upcoming elections in your area here.

I have moved from one county to another and want to vote. What should I do?

  • When you move across county lines, you must register to vote in your new county of residence. Voter registration does not automatically follow you from one county to another.

It's the day before the election. I forgot to register to vote. Is it too late?

  • Yes, it is too late to register to vote for that election. To participate in an election, you must submit your application before registration closes for that election. Registration is closed during the fourteen days prior to an election and on election day.

What documents do I need in order to register to vote?

  • When submitting a voter registration application, no additional documents are required for your registration to be processed. The state confirms your citizenship and eligibility through the information provided on your registration form, such as your state-issued license/ID number or the last 4 digits of your SSN

I have been convicted of a crime. Can I still vote?

  • If you've been convicted of a "crime of moral turpitude," you will need to apply to restore your voting rights. For many other convictions, you never lose your right to vote.

  • To see if you are eligible to have your voting rights restored, click HERE

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