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Delta Eta

Miles College

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Delta Eta History

        Back in the early 1970's, there was a desire to establish an undergraduate chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. on the campus of Miles College.  So the ladies of both Chi Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Birmingham, Alabama and Alpha Zeta Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Bessemer, Alabama came together to recruit and select women to charter a chapter.  After much scrutiny, eight women were selected to carry the torch of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and to begin the journey of existence of the sorority on the campus of Miles College.  The women who were selected to join the bonds of Sigma sisterhood were Devera Beckwood, Brenda Collins, Deborah Gilmore, Audrey Howard, Mary Linda Jackson, Sandra Rutledge and Linda Sigers.  The Delta Eta Chapter was founded on December 4, 1970 on the campus of Miles College.  The advisers of this undergraduate chapter were sorors Mamie Jordan, Velma Mark and Rutha Heard.  

        Over time, the numbers of chapter members dwindled on the campus, thusly causing the chapter to become inactive.  During the fall of 1996, five ladies filled with a desire to experience the world of Sigma were inducted into the bond of sisterhood.  Among them were Charzetta Richardson, LaChrissa Fowler and Lynette Williams.  These women worked hard to uplift the name of Sigma on the campus.   After a few years, the ladies matriculated through their academic programs and graduated without encountering any eligible, quality women who could continue carrying the torch of Sigma.  However in the fall of 2000 after careful selection by Soror Griena Knight, who worked on the campus of Miles College, seven young ladies were selected for membership: Andrea Sample, Chawanna Thorton, Chasity Phillips, Tyesha Anderson, April Wyatt, Candace Craig.  Since the induction of these members, Delta Eta has flourished and grown on the campus of Miles College.

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